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Are you a parent, who is worried about your child's future in education? Do you feel that your child is not focusing enough on his/her studies or unable to reap the full benefits for his/her hard work? Are you planning for your child's higher education and wish to know the scope of it?

Find answers to your questions regarding your child’s education with Astro Marg Darshan's, "Student and Education Astrology service." We are a pioneer organization offering Vedic services and solutions to solve your problems and help you take informed decisions about your child’s education. We can help you and your child to unlock the true potential and overcome the challenges in achieving the education goals.


Saturn Causes Delay & Hurdles BUT NOT Denial

In Indian Astrology, Saturn is considered to play significant role in career and professional life. This planet is known to give adversities as well as trouble in life. If Saturn is placed adversely in the chart, the problems may cause much concern.

But Saturn is a great teacher also. He gives immense difficulties and causes delays which signify something to understand. These difficulties etc. are like a lesson to a person that he has done something wrong or has committed bad karmas in this or past life and as such he has to repay the same by bearing all these difficulties. These difficulties make a person pure and force him to think what he has done wrong in life. Yes, if Saturn is causing all the troubles, he has also the potentials to give everything back in future if a person is righteous.